“Tough Mudder” – The Experience


Let me start off by saying that having never done this before, and knowing that I have panic attacks when I am in water that I even THINK may be deep enough to be over my head, I was a bit scared of this endeavor I was about to take on. The only comfort I had going into this was knowing that I was doing this with people who genuinely cared about me and I KNEW I could count on them if I needed them…and guess what, it turned out..I NEEDED THEM! When taking something like this on, you need to be able to count on your team to get you through..NO ONE can do this alone. For this one, my team consisted of my brother John, my brother Jason, my sister-in-law Megan, and my husband Scott, and Jason and Megan’s friend, Justin. We were “The Swampy Donkeys”!

On February 25, 2012 we set out for The Tough Mudder, in Temecula, Ca. at Vail Lake Resort..B-U-Tee-Ful place!! I would love to take a trip there if I were traumatized by this last experience…just kidding…it is gorgeous and I would love to spend some time there doing something other than the Mudder. I wish I had been able to take a picture from the top of one of the climbs because the view was amazing!


This challenge and that is what it is…they even say so, “This is not a race, this is a challenge!” I found it interesting when the man with the mic said that, In my head I couldn’t help thinking, “ just like life.” I don’t know why that popped in at that time, but it did.  We were off…through the mud and up the first “Death March”(this was the first of many uphill dusty dirty mountain climbs. I have to admit that I was pretty proud of my efforts…my success AND my failures. I did well! Somewhere along the way I managed to bang up my knee a bit..I have no idea when or where it happened.


There is a lot of good that can come out of a “challenge” like this. Finding out who you can depend on, who you can’t(glad I didn’t have any of those kind of people on my team), you have mental barriers to break through (one for me was during one of the “death marches” was having to think to myself, “If a Marine with only one leg can do this..I sure as hell can do it with two!” Let us also not forget that this is a fundraiser for “The Wounded Warrior Project” so not only are you doing something for yourself mentally and physically, but you are helping our American Heroes when you sign up for this.Image

“Quit whining and start running”… (Another sign to be read along the Mudder route),I think this is the approach we should all take in life. We can go slow…walk and whine, or we can move forward and know that the next challenge. Whether it is a “success” or if it is an “opportunity for improvement” (which is what I see every success attempt is).  There were some obstacles that although I was very proud I attempted, I did not complete (Chernobyl Jacuzzi), I know what to expect for next time…yes, NEXT TIME!

I’m interested in putting together teams for future Tough Mudder Challenges and other obstacle course challenges across the USA , if you want to be on one of the teams in your area, let me know…this could be truly an AWESOME, AWESOME…event for all those who commit to completing these challenges! I’d love to have you join us!