Spring Cleaning your “Top Three” for Psychological, Physiological, and Spiritual Health

The next four weeks can be magical for you, if you allow them to be! Take your own journey or follow me in mine, phenomenal things are about to happen! (I believe they will, therefore, they will!)

The beginning of April marks the first part of the second quarter of the year. It is a time when some people do their Spring cleaning, not just of their house, but of their mind, body, and spirit as well. For the next four weeks I will allow myself to experience a cleaning of self and will end in a renown re-discovery of who I really am. 

I decided to do this when I found myself feeling a pull from within a few months ago. I won’t go into details but I just knew it was time for me to reconnect and ground myself. Confused yet? Well, imagine this.. “Can you imagine waking up today without your past history of doubt, fear and the perceptions that limit you or keep you stuck in repetitive patterns? Can you imagine being able to design a deep and meaningful future based on your soul’s greatest expression and your heart’s deepest desires rather than on old, outdated, unmet needs and beliefs?” Now do you see where I am headed? Obviously, this is only reflecting in the realm of my spiritual self but I am expecting more to come!

“Your life will be transformed when you make peace with your shadow. The caterpillar will become a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly. You will no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not. You will no longer have to prove you’re good enough. When you embrace your shadow you will no longer have to life in fear. Find the gifts of your shadow and you will finally revel in all the glory of your true self. Then you will have the freedom to create the life you have always desired.” – Debbie Ford

 Debbie Ford has written several books, the one I will be using is: 

COURAGE for my Kindle. 


“Most of us think about courage as something we do, something we think, or a decision we make. But a warrior’s courage is a gift that we receive at birth. It is a level of consciousness that, whether we have experienced it or not, must be held close, developed, and savored. It is a state of being. When you are standing in and being courageous, you don’t have to ‘do‘ courage. When you are doing courage, you tend to muscle through a situation or decision, which you have probably done before. This muscling through is not the kind of courage that transcends the moment, because it is more often than not sourced from fear, from ‘I have to’ or ‘I should.’ Instead, a warrior’s courage is poignant, purposeful, and directed toward where change needs to be made. And, as you will see throughout this book, when you experience a warrior’s courage, being and standing in the presence of it, you are clear that the rewards for letting it lead you are infinitely greater than the risks. You were born with this courageous warrior inside of you. In your imagination, you see her as sacred and holy, beautiful and empowered. She is filled with strength, clarity, and confidence, born ready to participate in the world, to face and conquer her fears, and to reunite with all the other powerful, playful warriors out there.”


Yes, I will also be cleaning other aspects of my life. I already started with what I call, “The Cleanse of the Fakey Facebook Friends”. You know what I’m talking about. I was one of “those people” who had over 2000 “friends” on facebook. Granted, most I had met at competitions, conventions, seminars, and the like. Others were “friends” of theirs who just liked what I posted, i guess. Either way, I went through and unfriended about 1300 people total. When no one tried to re-friend me, I actually felt good because initially I thought perhaps some people who get way too emotionally tied to their social media friends or followers would be upset or something. If that happened, they never let me know. Slightly off topic but can you believe they actually have a Facebook Poster? “Show your house guests, family, or roommate how popular you are on Facebook with a poster showing all your Facebook friends! Have up to 2000 friends printed on a 20″x40″ poster for just $20. Think that will impress Mom and Dad?” Wow.

Yeah, chopping that tree down was far over due. I also decided for the month of April, I will stay off Facebook and my email. My only communication will be through my phone ( gotta really know me to have that #) and through my Twitter account for brief interactions.

You may be wondering where fitness and health fit in here. Healthy nutrition is the best way to give your body the balanced nutrients it needs to work and function properly. We touched base on this before.Obviously cardiovascular exercise in the amount of 20-30 minutes a day and strength training.. I will also add in my meditation and Yoga (I’m getting better!), and I am still working on my Reiki as well.


Spring Cleaning the top three; Mind, Body, and Spirit (psychological, physiological, and spiritual) takes a cognitive effort, daily focus, and a willingness to grow, learn,and let go of all that is “cluttering” up your life…inside and out.

So there you have it. This is the plan for the month of April. I welcome you to walk with me, and who knows, maybe transform your OWN life.  Thank you for reading, as always, your comments are welcome! 

Please share this with those whom you feel may benefit from the information.





Medicine is not health care, food is health care. Medicine is Sick Care. It’s time we see it for what it is.

                                                                  Let food be thy medicine- Hippocrates


I noticed it a while back, how the foods I consumed effected my health. When I ate certain things I felt sluggish, tired, had no energy. Sometimes the foods I ate, I swear would cause my my MS/ Hashimoto’s symptoms to act up and I would take notice of how after I ate things I know I shouldn’t have eaten, I would get migraines or aches and pains. It’s one of the reasons I really started looking into the bigger health benefits of eating properly.

This is video of Dr. Terry Wahls and how she reversed her MS through nutrition.

I began taking control over my symptoms through the management of foods. I once belonged to several groups on FaceBook that were either MS groups or Hashimoto’s Groups because I thought it would be great to know and support others who were dealing with the same issues I was. I got out of most of the groups and have only stayed with the ones that supported a healthy diet as one of the means of handing the symptoms. There were actually some groups where some of the people boasted about how obese they were yet would carry on about what very unhealthy food choices they were making. There were other groups it seemed as a means for people to complain and get attention. positivity wasn’t popular and very few seemed to appreciate it. Members would compare their symptoms and side effects from the meds they were taking. Some of those in the group when i would ask about their diet, I felt as though I would get one or two who would support my question but many many more who would I felt would attack the fact that I would even go in that  direction. That food could be at least part of the problem. For someone who is into health, fitness, and wellness, I was certainly in the wrong place. Often times I would wonder, if a medication was causing someone to experience worse symptoms, why would they not only continue with that medication, but pile another one on top of it. Then I got educated about Big Pharma… 

There’s no money is healthy people, and there’s no money in dead people. The money is in the people who are chronically ill. That is why some companies stopped the research and development of antibiotics and instead focus on heart disease, high blood  pressure, and diabetes medication. They focus on the day after day, long term money makers. Not the 7-10 day short term, every so often non money makers. This is why we are running out of antibiotics. That, is a whole separate blog though.

Have you ever heard someone say, ” this pill is for my diabetes, this pill is for my cholesterol, this one is for my high blood pressure, and this one is my steroid for my auto immune disease”? Maybe you haven’t heard it JUST like that, but believe me, there are people out there saying something very close to that same statement. What I found shocking is that some people are so  stuck in their ways, they’d rather take these pills every day, sometimes a couple times a day for the rest of their lives than to make changes in their diet and exercise routines that could not only stop the progression of these diseases, or even potentially start to reverse them! They’d rather take these pills that they pay who knows how much for, for for the rest of their lives than to make the changes they could make which would help them to FEEL better, have a better quality of life, and enable them to do more than they have in a very long time.

The thought of that dumbfounded me, I just couldn’t understand that. Could it be that people are really willing to put chemicals in their bodies, for the rest of their lives which could actually lead to a shorter life, a more painful or less enjoyable life, because they simply do not have the motivation they need to make a lifestyle change that they KNOW would be better for them? And the answer is, yes. Why?

I think that is also a good question. For some I think it could be because it is just easier to take the pill and not think about the long term effects. For others, they are confused. They have no idea where to begin with lifestyle changes. The only nutritional information they have stems from the food pyramid or the “my pyramid” that they are taught while in Middle School Health class. They don’t understand the benefits of taking control of their health and learning how their bodies work and how to properly supply them with the right foods and nutrients.

Why don’t people make the changes they should that are better for them? The the reason is…. Watch and listen as Douglas Lisle explains the Dietary Pleasure Trap:

They want pleasure with the least pain and the least effort. Two of the websites mention in the above video was PCRM and one of my personal favorites (as a former Firefighter 😉 ) Engine 2. Both have ways of making your today’s better and your tomorrows more secure.

Even with diseases that we KNOW can be controlled with simple changes in diet, like shopping on the outside isles of the stores. In the places where the produce is sold, people still walk in the supermarket doors and instead of turning to the right, right where the produce is at, the go to the center isles where the boxed, processed “food like” items that contain very little, sometimes no real food what-so-ever or to the frozen fake foods because they want food and the want it now.. or worse, they stop off at the local FAT food store and get the Super Size combo fried meal even when they KNOW it’s a bad choice!


I challenge you to stick with a healthy eating plan for 30 days. No fast foods, no processed foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, lean protein meats if you aren’t vegetarian…for a month. It’s an adventure in healthy eating and living!




“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” Bill Cosby.


When I saw this quote by Bill Cosby, I thought about how appropriate it was in so many things about life, love, and happiness. The focus on the taking of the chance, the risk and how we need to be willing to take that chance if we really want something badly enough, if we MUST change. What it didn’t get across was the point that we have to take this action NOW! I mean as soon as we know it is in front of our faces how we need to act on it. Set the momentum going and move in the direction we need to take.

Personally I can attach this to many areas of my life at this exact moment. I just finished week 4 of the Shaun T Focus T25.. (down 5lbs and 5.5″ in my waist and hips) but that had to start with something very small..the decision to take that chance and to focus on not just the workouts but the nutrition too. I know some people say this program doesn’t work and if they do say that I guarantee either they aren’t following the nutrition guide provided with this program, they aren’t putting the intensity into the workouts, or they aren’t doing the workouts 5 days a week…anyway you look at it, THEY AREN’T DOING THE PROGRAM!


Yes, “Everyone DOES have time for that” but do they also want to give it the energy vs sitting on their couch watching whatever show they “have to get home to watch!”? Do they want to make the changes to their food intake ( I stay away from the word “diet”) even though they’ve been told that doing so will provide them with more energy, clarity, regularity, and many more health benefits, but revert back to the old food items because it is “easier” or more fitting since they are back in their comfort zone of bad foods and excuses?

My goal with this blog is to help as many people I can with health, nutritional, and wellness information as well as provide you with the experiences I am going through while doing my workouts and fitness routines because guess what, It isn’t easy for me either!  Image  Sometimes you really do need to be your own hero. You need to put it in your head that this is something you aren’t going to negotiate anymore, something you’re not going to hide behind excuses anymore, something that you MUST do because if you don’t…think about it, what is the worst case scenario you can picture in your mind if you do not make the changes you need to make in your life to live the best quality, best health, best vitality, best adventurous or whatever the life if that you deserve to live… if you do not make these changes what are you doing to yourself RIGHT NOW?!



I write this blog for you…because I want you to have the most fulfilling life you can possibly have. Because without health, without love, without contribution…what are we?


Thank you for taking the time to read this today. I appreciate any suggestions about topics and welcome comments and feedback from you.

Live Life…

What the hell are we doing to our kids..and ourselves?! (Nutrition)

I am fortunate..actually, we are all fortunate! I am fortunate because I have an urge, a NEED for knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition and why people do and act the way they do…and how I can help them with becoming healthier more fit, and living and LOVING life. Because of that need, I have sought out attended nutrition seminars with some of the top nutritionist and have now been invited to attend a nutrition labels comparison study, which I very much look forward to!


I have on my own sought knowledge for years on how I can help others just be healthier, happier, and more fit. YOU are fortunate because you also have access to this information!

If you are struggling with weight, fitness, you are diseased..the very first place you should be looking isn’t for that damn stupid magic pill, but at what you are voluntarily putting into your body without a thought of where it came from!


At one time it may have been “okay” to eating this way. Maybe we didn’t know better. What we are eating now ( “we” being a general term) are products that may LOOK like food, smell and taste fantastic, but they are doing great harm to us! They leave us feeling full but starving for nutrition. “Hungry for Change is a great resource website and is also just ONE of the “need to watch” documentary movies out there where you can educate yourself on what you can do to start making a difference..start changing your lifestyle

Above is just a clip of the “Hungry for Change” movie. The movie is free on Netflix right now. Go watch it!

My daughters have NEVER drank soda. You wouldn’t believe some of the things people say when they hear that. They have never drank it so they don’t CRAVE it. I quit drinking soda in 2005. I was one of those people who woke up, and since I have never been a coffee drinker, I would crack open a Dr. Pepper or a Coke! If that wasn’t enough, I’d also top off my “breakfast” with a Hostess Suzy-Q! Yes! This is REALLY what I used to eat!

Some people refuse to open their eyes and see what bad nutrition is doing to them. They act as if they have no control, “it’s too hard”, “it costs too much to eat healthy”. You name it I have heard it. I always reply with, “You can pay for it now or pay for it later in medical bills, therapists, surgeries, missed days from work, or I hate to say it, but I have heard of spouses leaving each other over weight and health issues too.” Now…tell me again that you can’t afford to put into your body what it needs to run like a lean mean healthy machine!

I was taking pills for migraines that were costing me $50 for 6 pills! Seriously! 6 pills and they didn’t even have any gold in them!  By the way, that $50 was AFTER my insurance covered their portion! I changed my diet, increased my water intake, and I can tell you I don’t nearly get migraines like that anymore. I had been suffering from symptoms of MS…most of these can be controlled or at least managed by eating healthy exercising, and getting enough rest.

When I quit smoking ( yeah, I had THAT wonderful habit too), I thought, “Anyone who starts smoking when they now KNOW how addictive it is, what the dangers are…they are just stupid!” And guess what. I still feel the same way about it. But, the same can be said about those who eat these man mad “food like”.. things we are putting in our bodies everyday! We still eat like this but not only us..we are feeding our KIDS this garbage!

The companies that make these items put chemicals in them that make them addicting and harmful to your body! They don’t care about you and your health, they are simply focused on getting you hooked and keeping you coming back for more to increase their bottom line. PERIOD!

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your overall health, I recommend reading Weston A. Price‘s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,”. Another starting point is to start with a detox cleanse. There are many out there but I know of one that works well and will guide you through the whole process, and provide you with a support group on facebook. It is called The Ultimate Reset.

“The Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ will help you reclaim your body, weaning it from craving unhealthy foods and preparing it for change. You’ll release the toxic compounds that are clogging your cells, and restore your metabolism to maximum efficiency, feeding it with the nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics it needs for healthy performance.Typical “cleanses” can do as much harm as good—by starving your body of exactly the nutrients it needs. On the Ultimate Reset, you’ll eat better than you have in years—and feel great doing it!

General Information

The Beachbody Ultimate reset was created by wellness experts Isabelle Daikeler and Darin Olien, with help from board-certified, former Presidential nutritionist Dr. Bill Wheeler. Isabelle and Darin previously worked together to create Shakeology®, the premium superfood nutritional shake. With Dr. Wheeler, they took on the mission to create this healthy cleansing program to help you feed your body with some of the healthiest substances on earth.”

ImageIf you are at all interested in using The Ultimate Reset, while you will lose weight, that is not the sole purpose of this program. It is to detoxify and rid your body of the chemicals being stored in your body helping you become healthy INSIDE and loo healthy OUTSIDE..and feel better all the way around. Through the month of March I can help you save BIG on Ultimate Reset Kits and Challenge Packs but you need to contact me before March 31, 2013!

“The Beachbody Ultimate Reset® is a comprehensive, no-starvation, inner-body tune-up that offers much more
than the typical cleanse and detox programs on the market. The Ultimate Reset not only helps you eliminate
toxins and waste gently and naturally, but it also maximizes your cellular energy production, helping your body
process food more efficiently and your systems run more smoothly.* You’ll replace the processed foods you’ve
been eating with healthy foods. You’ll eat cleanly—possibly for the first time in your life—and take
supplements designed to help your body remove from your cells and organs toxins that you’ve been taking in
for decades.
The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a complete, three-phase, 21-day mind and body program that provides
everything you need to:*
• Reclaim your body’s natural balance
• Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you
• Restore your system to its maximum health”

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I hope you’ll take some time to learn more about the food and “food-like” products that are out there. Make the changes you need to make for you, then help your family make them too.