This really big but little word.. Success (poem)


If you want a thing bad enough,
To go out and fight for it,
Work day and night for it,
Give up your time and your peace and sleep for it

If only desire of it
Makes you quite mad enough
Never to tire of it,
makes you hold all other things tawdry and cheap for it.

If like seems all empty and useless without it.
And all that you scheme and dream is about it.

If gladly you’ll sweat for it.
Fret for it, Plan for it,
Lose all your terror of God for it.

If you simply go after that thing that you want.
With all your capacity,
Strength and sargacity,
Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity.

If neither cold, famished and gaunt,
Nor sickness nor pain,
of body or brain,
Can turn you away from the thing that you want.

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,
You’ll get it!

– Burton Braley


8 Easy Ways To Stay Focused On Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Recently I was speaking with someone who seemed to have lost their motivation for going to the gym, eating healthier, and improving their overall fitness. They stopped their food journal, went to the gym MAYBE two times a week if they didn’t get it in their head to not go when they left the parking lot of their employer, if they did that, they kept their appointment time one time that week. In short, they lost their WIT(Whatever It Takes)!



That’s right, they sank down the hole and lost their connectivity to why they began their journey in the first place. So, let’s say you are one of those people. This was the #1 reason people flop on their journey. Not lack of trainers and coaches, not lack of gym choices or places to workout or buy healthy foods, not lack of hope, or not enough knowledge according to the American Psychological and their survey called Stress in America. It was lack of willpower. Oh, I know you aren’t but let’s pretend for a moment that you are. How would you get it back? How would you motivate yourself to get back in to the swing of things and get your your WIT’s back?

1. Whatever It Takes: It may sound corney but the first thing to do is to get your mindset right. Where ever your mind goes, your body follows. So, before you even start to think about excuses, this is when you tell yourself “WHAT EVER IT TAKES!” You say this over and over. Get your physiology into it, use your arms, your legs, your torso and say it like you mean it, because you DO mean it, don’t you? Of course your do!

2: Review your goals- Are you setting SMART goals? Oh PLEASE tell me you are at least setting your goals! How can you get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going? I’m always surprised when I’m in a consultation with someone and I ask them what their goals are and they respond with very vague, “I wanna lose weight.” type of goals. No. That won’t work! You need to set SMART goals! Write them down, look at them every day.


3: Try a Vision Board- A Vision board will tune your brain into where you want to go. More and more people seem to understand the impact visioning can have on not just health and fitness successes but in many areas of your life. I prefer a board you have in your home that you look at each day, but Pinterest has certainly helped with allowing people to create and access boards where ever they are. No Excuses!

4: Stress Relief – There is no doubt whatsoever that stress can be a major energy zapper! Think about what your body feels like when it is stressed. All the muscles are tightened, and usually stress is something that most people allow to affect their bodies for a long period of time, not just a few minutes. There are many ways to relieve stress, from quiet walks in nature, to meditation and yoga. Even aromatherapy and massage. Learning stress coping techniques such as deep breathing will also help alleviate stress. 

5: Plan ahead – Oh it sounds so simple doesn’t it? let me tell you what, it sure helps with you already have that intention in your mind that you are doing what you set out to do! If it’s a workout, lay your clothes out in advance. If it’s dietary, advanced food prep ( and take it with you) is the best way to stay on track and avoid getting things on the run when you are hungry or want munchies. 

6: Make it a ritual or appointment with yourself. If your goal is to go running every morning, work it in to your morning routine or ritual. If it’s after work ( when people tend to be more tired) DO NOT GO HOME AND SIT ON THE COUCH OF DOOM!! Take your workout clothes with you and either change at the gym or, in the restroom of your employer and go straight to your running start point, or gym. We all know that if you’ve worked a long hard day and you come home and sit on the couch, it’s like your butt get’s super glued to it. Don’t do it!

7. Share your goals – Find an accountability partner or let others know what your (SMART) goals are. Ask them for help..only if you REALLY want it though. Some people will ride you like a horse if you tell them your goal is to go to the gym 5 days a week and you miss a day because you are sick (really sick).


8. Track your progress – One way I have found to work is by using a journal to write in each night that I did was I was supposed to do. I label how many days in a row and how I felt before and after my workout or ate my foods. I write the time of day, the date and the day. For food this is a great way to recognize how your body reacts to certain foods during the day. Some people use a calender and put a big red X on the day they do what they should have done. The visual part of that is that you don’t want to break the success chain of big red X’s. 


Women should lift weights, but do they REALLY need to lift heavy?


I just got through reading an article directed toward women saying that they need to lift heavy weights several times a week and to, “Put the 5-pound dumbbells away, just put them back in the corner where you found them. Light them on fire while you’re at it.”  It also mentioned the picture in the fitness magazine of the woman standing on one leg on the bosu while lifting a 5lb db is not the workout they (women) need. I’m sorry, but if you ask me, women, or anyone for that matter need several different types of workouts from weights, to cardio, to yoga and pilates. I congratulate the women who take the time to find a workout they love and work it into their busy schedules to do 3-5 times a week!

It even went on to say, “ANYTHING you read in any women’s fitness magazine is suspect. Actually, it’s not just suspect — you can be guaranteed that they’re feeding you inaccurate trash.” Wow. That’s a pretty bold statement. I’d tell the lady who wrote that article to check out Oxygen Magazine. It’s what got me started toward my first Women’s Physique Competition! Certainly NOT inaccurate trash!



I’m the third from the right in the lavender suit. This photo was taken at the OCB Midwest States Bodybuilding Competition in November 2006 at the Egyptian Theater in DeKalb, Illinois.

So, let’s back up a bit and think about where this person is coming from and what exactly the message they are trying to relay is. Obviously I have no idea who this lady is that wrote this article or what her credentials are, but I think she was a little off base generalizing that every woman who wants to workout should,”put several 45-pound plates on a 45-pound barbell and deadlifting and squatting “. I agree that women should lift weights IF they are cleared to do so by their doctor. There are conditions of which lifting HEAVY weights as the person in the article advised every woman should do, is contradictory to what is truly beneficial to a persons health.

Instead of reading the article I read, I would recommend my clients read something more like this:

8 REASONS WOMEN SHOULD LIFT Or this Why Women Don’t (But Should) Lift Weights

I really liked #7 in the 8 reasons article, “As you age, you are at risk of losing both bone and muscle mass. Postmenopausal women are at a greater risk for osteoporosis because the body no longer secretes estrogen. Resistance training is an excellent way to combat loss of bone mass, and it decreases the risk of osteoporosis.”. Notice it said “RESISTANCE TRAINING”, not “LIFT HEAVY”. By the way, you can also do your own isometric resistance training if you don’t have access to weights or is you are rehabilitating an injury. 



Iris Kyle MS Olympia  (multiple times over)

Lifting weights does have many benefits as we know, and by now most women are aware that they will NEVER look like Iris Kyle, the Ms Olympia (unnatural Ms.Olympia that you see on TV as opposed to the Natural Ms. Olympia Jodi Miller) by lifting some weights. Besides toning, tightening, and shaping the muscles into looking gorgeous body parts we all find attractive, they offer many benefits that are happening INSIDE the body that we can’t see!


Jodi Miller, PNBA Natural Ms. Olympia 2012

Of course, if you are a woman looking to compete in Bodybuilding or power lifting competitions, obviously YES! You will have to lift heavy! That muscle doesn’t just multiply like bunnies mating! The people you see on stage take their sport very seriously and they work at it every single day. It takes hard work and dedication along with eating the right things, getting enough sleep, and more. That is INTENTIONAL muscle gains. They don’t lift what is heavy to them every single day though. High rep/lower weights and low rep/higher weigh days are worked into their workout routine along with how may sets and how many exercises for each body part.

***As always, before you start ANY fitness plan or program we always recommend getting a physical evaluation by your doctor and let him in on what your goals are. 


Don’t you DARE tell me, “13 is too young” to be an Entrepreneur”!

ImageMy daughter who just turned 13 came up to me a while ago and stated she was ready to make money. Our neighborhood is small in size, surrounded by commercial and retail stores, and doesn’t have many kids left in it..they’ve all moved up to High School or recently graduated.

We went through various ideas on ways a young girl could  start her own business, dog walking service, babysitting, the area where we live it seems about the extent of services she could provide but, there isn’t a market for it.

She is very independent, a self starter, passionate and dedicated. A leader without a doubt. She’s good with saving money, and she is ambitious, some pretty awesome qualities for a young lady! She’s explored several different ideas and I have no doubt in my mind that this girl will eventually think of the right idea for her and will do very well.

I, myself, have spoken to a few people about her aspirations to become an Engineer and her hard work ethic, as well as her incredible desire to be accepted into IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy). She’s hopeful she has a chance as a student who is has been accepted for the past 3 years into the IMSA Fusion Program as well as the Gifted Science program and we have been trying to find something she can do, as a 13 year year old girl that is her “own” and may help her with her future plans and goals.

You may be curious how Entrepreneurship and Engineering go together, or at least I was. I found several articles written about how Engineers can be great entrepreneurs. Proof of great companies that were led by engineers..Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Larry Page from Google, just to name a few! I was very impressed with the story of Matt Wilson who
an active member of the IET, working on local committees and mentoring a number of new engineers in his area. He is an IET Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Ambassador, going to schools to get children interested in STEM subjects. You can read more about him on

We were also able to find out about these young successful Entrepreneurs:


Check out some of these “Big Thinkers“..all teenage Entrepreneurs who are doing business and making some big money! They all made a fortune before they were 18!

There were the two 13 year old boys, Jordan Casey and Puck Meerburg who seemed to really WOW those who attended The Next Web Conference Europe 2013

Another young Entrepreneur you may have heard of is Lane Sutton. He became an entrepreneur at the young age of 5! Yes, I said 5 years old! Now at the age of 16, he has an impressive history of speaking and working with some top name companies and agencies!

And we certainly can’t leave out Catherine and David Cook! As it expanded, myYearbook left the high school realm and was ultimately sold to social networking site Quepasa for $100 million in cash and stock and renamed MeetMe, a site that attracts advertisers including Neutrogena, ABC and Walt Disney.

So why would I post something like this on the “Lovin’ Life Fitness and Wellness” blog. I hope you aren’t really asking that. But, if you are, it’s because we all need to have dreams. BIG dreams. We need to know that it’s possible to make those dreams come true and how to go about achieving them. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. We all have to have SOMETHING to go after or we can’t be happy. Growth and Contribution. Two of the human needs.

The daughter I am speaking about, some…MANY have heard me refer to her as “my firecracker” because she is THAT passionate. When people have dreams, especially our children, we should listen to them. Investigate with them..and maybe, just maybe GROW with them.

“Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible.” – George Washington Carver


So, here’s to the dreamers! The ones who haven’t heard, “That’s impossible!” enough times they’ve started to believe it, yet. The ones who haven’t developed the fears some of the adults have, and to the ones who BELIEVE and WILL make it happen…because they can!


“How long do you keep at it?”

 I was conversing with a client the other day who has been having successes but has also fell a few times in her fitness and healthy eating. She asked me, ” How long do you keep going?” I asked her to go into more detail about what she was talking about. I thought she meant, how long should she keep trying to get better with her goals but that wasn’t her question at all. “How long do you keep at it? I mean, how long are you going to stick with me before you give up on me too?” The question totally caught me off guard. The thought of giving up on her never once crossed my mind, never.

My response, “As long as you don’t quit on you, I won’t quit on you.” The good Personal Trainers and Coaches don’t abandon their clients and their clients goals. They stick with them, Find what works for them. Make adjustments as necessary and keep moving forward. The goal is to get them where they want to be and teach them how to maintain their results. They need to have trust in you and confidence that you are looking out for their own good..not just taking their money.


Active Military Members- WE WANT (to help) YOU, and your families!


Good afternoon! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

My name is Jenni Whipple and as you know if you read this blog or are a member of our Facebook Fan page, (, I am a health and fitness fanatic! I genuinely care about people and their health, and there is NOTHING that makes me feel better than helping people reach their health and fitness goals or improve their health so they can live a better, healthier, happier life!

While I enjoy helping people this way, and understand that weights, cardio, and nutrition are KEY elements for desired results, the fact is, some people just don’t have the money, the time, or the schedule which allows them to get to the gym and workout or pay $35-$60/hr OR MORE for individual sessions with a Personal Trainer. This is one of the main reasons I teamed up with Beachbody and the professionals on Team Beachbody.


I can still provide fitness and nutrition along with support on my clients schedule…even if they work odd scheduled hours and it allows me to help ANYONE because the programs offered are VERY cost effective and the programs are proven to work!

Chris..Before and After!

I am also leading he charge in the fight against obesity by pledging to help get military families fit and “joining forces” with ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainers, ” Our goal is to pledge 1 million fitness training service hours to enrich the quality of life of our service members and their families, and help expand their access to fitness resources and programs. We are confident that with your help we can meet this overarching objective!”


As you can see, by being a Team Beachbody Coach, this creates an amazing opportunity to help those military families access to additional fitness resources. By being a Beachbody Coach I don’t have to worry about the over head costs or rent of a facility, or travel issues to and from where my clients want to workout. It is convenient for myself, yes! BUT it is also VERY convenient to YOU, my client and your family!

If I haven’t mentioned yet…I strongly recommend getting yourself healthy but also get the rest of your family involved! Have them to the exercises with you, learn and teach them what you are learning! This is how the epidemic is halted! How can anyone NOT see this as an exciting opportunity?!

I believe what makes it a little “more special” to myself is the fact that my Step-Father, my Father-In-Law, my Husband, and my Brother are all military veterans. I, unfortunately, was not allowed into the military due to “moderate hearing loss” in my left ear when I attempted to enlist in the Air Force. Regardless…I am still part of a military family, and this allows me to help those who are also military or in a military family! That, is a GREAT feeling!

We are all aware Father’s Day is coming up, but, not only “Fathers” are in our military..regardless of what upcoming holiday may be approaching, why not just say, “I Care!” to your loved one or family member? To me, it is those unexpected gifts for no real holiday that means the most to me, those surprise gifts.

As a way of saying, “Thank you!” to our active military personnel, if you’re Active Duty Military your Start up fee of $39.95 is waived AND your monthly back-office fees of $14.95 are ALL waived for the entire duration of your active-duty!

Not a soldier? Well think about this – how many soldiers do you know though, who would be interested in Free Beachbody Coaching for Active Duty Military?

This is a great way to earn some extra money promoting our top-notch line of proven fitness, weight loss, and nutritional products – PLUS you receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody product purchases. Enjoy the following programs at a significant discount: P90x, Insanity, TurboFire, or the new P90x2, Asylum, or Body Beast bodybuilding program coming out soon!

Worried about shipping? Team Beachbody ships to APO/FPO!

Not sure if this is the business for you, or maybe you’re too busy saving the country to ‘work the business’ aspect – that’s completely understood – THAT IS WHY the “Free Beachbody Coaching for Active Military” offer is extended to your spouse as well. There are military wives earning thousands per month as Beachbody coaches, marketing it to other Military wives.


I think it’s an honorable thing that Beachbody is doing for servicemen and women and their families. I can’t think of anything better than providing a solid income opportunity for soldiers and their spouses so that they can come home from saving our country and manage their own successful business.

We want to help keep you and your family, as healthy as we can…and we want to Thank you and your family for your sacrifices!

If you are interested, please contact me through my Fan Page listed above or click on the picture below. We WANT you to be successful and your CAN start a career with Beachbody!



Wow, this sounds awesome! I’m Active Duty Military and would like to become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, How do I signup?

Please complete the Coach application, and submit the completed Coach application, together with a copy of your active duty orders and verification of your active duty status – such as a military ID or your BIR, to Coach Relations for review and processing of your application. Submit paperwork via fax at: (213)201-7225 or by email to

If they need more information they will contact you directly.

My spouse and I are both active duty military, may we both enroll as Independent Team Beachbody Coaches and have our fees waived?

Absolutely, yes! If you and your spouse are both active duty military and serving our great country, then by all means you both may enroll as Independent Team Beachbody Coaches, and you will each be eligible to have the enrollment fee of $39.95 and your monthly service fee waived. Both of you will need to fill out and complete our Coach Application and submit the application along with verification of your active status.

My husband/wife is active duty military however I would like to enroll as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Is this possible?

This is definitely possible. If you’re active duty and not a Beachbody Coach, your spouse is more than welcome to take advantage of this great benefit. Just be aware that your spouse will still have to submit a copy of your active duty orders and proper identification along with the application forms to qualify for the waiver, simply make sure to put the enrolling spouse’s name as the name on the Coach account.

If I’m active duty military, can another person other than my spouse enroll based on my Active Duty status?

Sorry, this is not available at this time. Also note that if only one of you are active duty, but you both want to join, only one of you will qualify to take the benefit. You will have to decide who gets to opt-in to the waived membership.

What do you mean when you say I have to be active duty military to qualify for the Free Beachbody Coaching for Military?

At the time that you submit your Coach application, we will also need you to include a copy of your active duty orders and verification of your status from your branch of service. Your active duty orders will generally include a start and end date. Based upon the end date given, your monthly business service fee will be waived for the duration of that period. If you are later reassigned to active duty please contact Coach Relations for further instructions.

Contact me if you’re ready to take advantage of the “Free Beachbody Coaching for Active Military” special offer!