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Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere!! Wait…Parents, where are you?!


Okay, maybe not real ZOMBIES. But, as I was driving down the street I happened to notice something rather disturbing. The kids that were outside of the High  School pretty much looked like zombies with new clothes and bright white shoes! All that was missing was the moaning and groaning sounds (some I’m sure smelled fresh and clean but…Just an attempt at being funny there). Seriously though, as they stood there, some drinking very large soda drinks (<- WATCH THIS VIDEO!) from the local 7-11 or gas station, I couldn’t help noticing how over weight so many of the kids are! Maybe some aren’t aware of what they are drinking and should “rethink your drink“. 


It has also been brought to my attention that some kids “kickstart” their morning with some sort of chemical concoction sometimes consisting of one of their favorite energy drinks (which by itself are bad for you), and either soda, or coffee…or what the hell?! Now granted, when I was a Freshman in High School I remember rushing off to catch the bus, getting to school where we were rounded up in the cafeteria. Very convenient, we had all the access we wanted to soda and garbage crap machines! My choice would be a can of Dr. Pepper and a Suzy-Q! That’s right.. I know what it’s like to BE THERE! However, I was not obese because this was not my lifestyle!


Most of the kids I saw this morning seemed to have had managed to SQUEEZE their bodies into clothing that perhaps would have looked better a size or two bigger. I’m not saying that to be mean, one girl I felt very bad for because her overly large stomach was hanging out from under her yellow name brand tank top, and over the top of her brand new shorts that were riding up in front (OUCH!) and in back. I began to find myself concerned about her. Not just because I know how mean some of the kids in High School can be, although I’m sure things will be said that will hurt her self confidence and her feelings, even though she may try to brush them off..they will linger in her mind and when she least expects it, she’ll hear what was said, AGAIN only this time, she’ll be saying it to herself…and that makes me very sad because I’m sure she is a very nice young lady and very smart. How people chose to look on the outside is their choice, but I also thought about how her health has to already be affected. Maybe she’s already got shortness of breath when she walks any sort of distance. Maybe she already has low energy because of the food choices (or lack of) she is putting into her body daily and the lack of exercise. Maybe she is already putting tremendous strain on her heart..though she is currently unaware of any damage that is going on right now…and then.. I thought of her parents. There are some genetic cases, I know that, but that is not every case and trust me, there were a LOT of over weight kids standing there texting or talking on their phones while eating and drinking waiting for the school doors to open!

Like a brick to the face, it hit me. What do these young kids parents do and say, not just to their teen, but to themselves? I began to wonder if they had the same lifestyle habits, more than likely they do. And I began to wonder, WHAT IF these teenager’s parents decided THEY were going to make a change in their lives that wouldn’t just benefit them.. but that they could STEP UP and be role models for their kids by deciding it was the best thing they could do for themselves! Now, I have no idea what the parents do and don’t do, so this is speculation but it seems to me that if a parent(s) is going to be careless about nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, that is what will be passed down to their kids, and their kids, and so on. The cycle HAS to be broken somewhere, even if it isn’t for the parent themselves..but for their kids..or maybe their significant other..or…themselves, why not and why not TODAY?!


Most people will do more for someone they love than they will do for themselves. There are events that my children will go through, milestones, that I want to be here for..Graduations, weddings, births of grandchildren, GREAT grandchildren, special moments that I would NEVER want to miss out on,..or that MY KIDS wouldn’t want me to miss out on.

As I thought about this more and more, I did some research and watched some video’s of kids who had lost (either in death or they are unable to be an active parent) their parents because of obesity, the debate of whether obese kids should be taken from their parents,  or health issues that could have been prevented if they would have simply decided to make some changes to lose weight.

As you may know, I actually joined Beachbody back in 2005 after I saw a picture of myself in a swimsuit. The facts were placed before me and I had no one to blame but myself for allowing myself to gain the weight that I had gained. I stopped working out after we had our 2nd child and my life was all about her, not me..until I saw that photo. That was the transformation day for me when I decided I was NOT going to look and feel that way and I was NOT going to have my kids looking at me in a negative way. I couldn’t afford a gym membership with monthly dues, gas there and home, child care and such and I saw an ad on TV ..”Beachbody”. I saw the before and afters for Power 90 and while I didn’t believe there was some lighting, photo shopping and shading, along with make up and a good tan.. I HAD to give it a try. This was back BEFORE there were Coaches who got commissions for helping people achieve their goals. All we had was an online message board. I dropped in whenever I could..but, with family obligations and crazy schedules, it wasn’t as often as I would have liked, but when I was there, I tried to be as encouraging and help as many people as I could. 

Now not only are people getting paid to help others reach their goals, but people are getting paid just to workout! This is the P90X2 results winner!




This is the REAL DEAL. But back to what I wanted to get across to you, I am here to help you IF you want my help. If you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, if you have kids that you wished you had more energy to do  things with them, if your doctor has told you, “you need to make changes in your lifestyle”, if you want to set a good example for your kids, I want you to watch this video I made, and please contact me because I truly do care about people and want them to have fabulous lives doing all they ever wanted to do and experience.

I hope you will do this for YOU, but if not for you, do it for your significant other, your kids, your grand-kids, or someone else you want to be around for. Together, We can do it and while you’re at it, why not win some extra money with the Beachbody Challenge!?

Be your own Superhero, time to BRAVE UP!



As many of you know, some of my blog posts come from people asking me questions and I use this as a way to communicate back to not just them, but others who may have the same questions too.

Recently I was asked from a friend, if there was something, anything, that I could be rid of in my life (they asked it differently but they are doing their own research so I am rephrasing it), what would it be? It didn’t take me long to think about and come to what the “one thing” would be. “My fear of success”. One thing I know about this that I am not alone.



People often fear the change that success will bring, not success itself. Pay attention to your fearful thoughts and reset them by eliminating the words “don’t,” “not,'” and “no” and setting forth thoughts of what you do want instead. 

That is a quote by Michael Losier. Think about it, it’s true. We don’t really fear being successful, we WANT to be successful. What we fear is being uncomfortable because of the changes our success may bring. I literally thought about this for 2 hours last night and wrote about it in my journal. The simple 2 column list of the positives and negatives of changes that could possibly happen when i reach that success level I am striving for. Sounds silly, right?



A great attitude is not the result of success; success is the result of a great attitude. -Earl Nightingale

Allow me to share with you:

Pro’s:  Ability to help more people, Recognition, Validation, Trust, Proof of knowledge, Access to more resources and resourceful people, Increase in income, Opportunity to grow, making new “successful” friends.

Con’s– Venturing into new uncharted areas, insecurities of living up to others’ expectations, losing friends, fear of failure or falling short, uncertainty, being criticized and judged.

The more I looked at these two columns, the more something came very clear. One was first we must decide and define what we consider to be success or successful. I brought out some of my favorite personal development books and re-read some of my favorite quotes about success and goal setting. And it isn’t fear of success that I need to rid myself of. Success happens every day of our lives if we stay focused on our daily goals, weekly goals, monthly, quarterly, annual goals.

For me, if every single day I can help someone or improve the quality of life for just one individual, I consider myself “successful”. If I hold up to my promises to be the best person I can be and to role model and inspire others, I am successful. When I had responded to my friend this is what I had said when she asked what I needed to do to get past it.

“Accept that failure is part of the process of success and not an actual “failure” as far as an end, and to get it solid as a belief that I deserve it.”

Can you identify the REAL issue I was forced to face? 

Sometimes the battles that we fight aren’t external but most often they are internal and in the form of our beliefs. These can be the toughest battles of all and when you take these battles on, there is no one that can fight them than your own internal Superhero. For only you have the power to change your beliefs.

Thank you for reading and please like comment and share if you think post may help someone you know or someone you know may know.

Till next time, keep on Lovin’ Life!


Who am I? Am I “good enough”? How to be happy and successful!


As people, and I will speak for myself when I say, as a woman, mother, and wife, we seem to constantly ask ourselves , Who am i?” We come to the short conclusion, “I am a mother, a wife, an actress, a teacher, a writer, a volunteer..etc. After we have strapped that label onto ourselves, we find ourselves asking, “Am I good enough?


When I was a young girl I knew who I was in terms of sports and academics. I knew what I liked and never really thought about the next day because it was either school/chores/and homework or it was chores and free time..as long as I was out of the house and home before dark when I saw the porch light on, it was all good.I knew who I was and knew if I was good enough.

Then became adulthood, parenthood, and an area very much unknown to me. I began doubting who I was, where I was going, if I was good enough, if I would ever be good enough, if I could ever DO enough. I know I am not alone out there with this.

I lost touch of my friends. Forgot what my hobbies were and I placed my family before myself every time. I have no idea why I would do that. I thought it was what I was supposed to do. Put them before me. But then I began listening to others. A spark ignited…I did all this, put them before me because I thought I didn’t deserve to be loved or that I wouldn’t be loved if I did put me first. Let me take a step back, when you have babies, yes, I still believe mine would come before me. But my kids are teens and young adults now. And now, I need to focus on me more as they focus on themselves and their independence and growth.

What it comes down to is that you need to happy first before you will be able to “be enough” for anyone else” or to “be good enough”. Happiness is where it all begins!

So how do you make yourself happy? Shawn Anchor the CEO of Good Think, Inc. has some great ideas based on research The Happy Secret will have you smiling and will tell you what you can do by creating new habits. They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit..write 3 things you are grateful for each day, journal about a happy experience you had that day..RELIVE it, exercise, meditation, and I would add eat healthy because what you eat really does impact your energy levels and how your brain functions too.

I strongly believe that you do need to be happy first..your success falls in after being happy and therefore you will feel that you are “good enough” and as long as you’re happy when someone asks “who are you?” if you can start off with “I am happy, or happily” you are sure to be on the right track! 

By being happy you attract happy people, it’s easier to change your perception of stressful situations to simply challenges.

So, here’s to you and your happiness and success!