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Lessons Learned from a (not so) typical 3 Year Old.. Happy Birthday and Thank you Noah Galloy!

Let me start off by saying a very special THANK YOU to the Galloy Family. I do believe I was fortunate to have had the experience of meeting them and their sons Noah and Brayden!

Many, probably most of you don’t know who Noah Galloy is, probably never heard of him before. If you ask me who he is, I would tell you he is an amazing little boy who has gone through more in his life than any child  should ever go through. You can read all about Noah by going to the Team Noah We Care About Rare Facebook Page. Let me also note here that the expenses for Noah’s care are incredible, so, if you can find it in your heart and in your wallet to donate fund to the Team Noah Foundation…please do! I did not ask for authorization to post pics or specific info so please go to the above listed links for more info or contact them directly if you have questions.

I was given the opportunity to meet Noah and his family in person today…Noah’s 3rd Birthday when a request was made through www.Costumerswithacause.com for Captain America to come visit him on his birthday. These past few weeks have been no doubt very stressful on the entire Galloy family. If you go to the facebook page and read what they have been going through, you’ll see what I mean.

Costumers With A CauseWe have a pretty good cast of volunteers here in the Midwest Division of Costumers With A Cause and there was no way we were going to not have a Captain America there for this little man’s Birthday! Long story shortened, the original person we expected to go was advised the night before that their employer was planning on forcing them to work a 10 hour day, even though they knew what he was planning on doing for this child and what it meant to him to be there. Branden O’Neill didn’t hesitate and took on the role (for his first time as the Capt) to make sure he had the birthday he wanted.

The Irony in this story is that we almost lost Branden when he was a baby a few times. At 6 weeks old he stopped breathing and was diagnosed as having an immature brain stem, many believe this is what cause some babies to die from SIDS. He would stop breathing, most of the time when he went to sleep but sometimes when he was awake too. For 8 months he wore a foam strap around his chest that velcro’d closed.  When he stopped breathing this horrible alarm would sound. Hopefully it would scare him into waking up and breathing again. Then when he was about 2 1/2 years old he came down with Kawasaki Disease and was in the hospital sedated while they waited for him to recover. My step father one time when I was crying because of the uncertain situation told me, “The sickest kids make the healthiest adults.” I’m not exactly sure if that is true or if I believe it, but it made me feel better at the time.


Ok..so what did I learn from Noah..

Here is this little boy. Just turned 3 years old. When you think of a 3 year old..what do you see them doing? Running around? Playing on the playground? Maybe walking with mom and their pet dog? This is not what Noah is doing. He is being patient..waiting for them to say he can go home to his OWN bed and walk around freely without an IV attached to him.

My gosh..it really puts it in perspective doesn’t it? I went to the grocery store after I left his hospital room and I couldn’t help looking at some of the little kids in the store. Some in the grocery carts, some running up and down the isles while mom or dad pay no attention, they are looking at items on the shelves. And I think to myself..”They are really taking these moments for granted.” I feel a bit ashamed to admit I was thinking that but I was! “Do these parents realize how fortunate they are?” I wonder if this will be a thought in my head forever when I see these scenes again.


Surround yourself with people who lift you up and not just love you for who you are, but who you are becoming. My goodness he has such a great supportive and loving family around him! Dad, Mom, Grandma, his big brother and you can tell they love him to pieces!

These are the kind of people we should all surround ourselves with. Those who love you when you are “lovable” and also love you when you aren’t. Let’s face it, we all have our moments when we can really be hard to be around. If you expect them to be there for YOU during those times, I hope you expect yourself to be there for THEM when they are having those times!

Have Fun. Life is way too short to get all caught up in the small stuff. When was the last time you did something “kid like”? Me? Well..I did a handstand last week..does that count?Image I’m always smiling and goofing around..lovin’ life! You’ve got to have fun! You HAVE to. So, if you haven’t had some really cool KID FUN lately..get out there and do it! If not for you initially, think of someone who can’t and would love to do it and do it for them!

Dance. Pretty self explanatory. Dance. It’ great for the heart, the soul…you can dance to express how you feel, where you’d like to be or go, for fun, out of frustration or even sadness…but dance. And yeah…if you can con a nurse or two in on it..more power to ya!

And when you feel like it..go to sleep. When the day is done, and your body and mind are ready, it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep. You’ve worked hard, played hard, made it through a tough day..enjoy a peaceful sleep. I smiled when Noah climbed on his mom’s lap into a little ball to go to sleep. What a day for him. The BIG 3! Here’s to you Noah, our Junior Avenger!