Health. So what’s in it for me?

While out an about I overheard two people talking about health, exercise, fitness, the benefits, the costs, the trouble spots (oh yes! I was listening!) and found it interesting, but nothing that I hadn’t heard before.

I feel it is important for people to understand just what taking care of yourself NOW will do for you and prevent from happening to you in the future if you fail to start exercising, eating better, and looking out for you today.

“Someone who is obese in their 30s, 40s, and who doesn’t change isn’t going to be in very good shape in their 60s, 70s. If they also have untreated diabetes and high blood pressure, then their health will deteriorate further. These are just the odds.

So, yeah, it’s a freaky thing, but it’s also a wake-up call. I was “healthy and obese,” or so I thought. Now that I am lighter and have been exercising for awhile, I realize that I only thought I was healthy. I feel so much better now than I ever did. My fasting blood glucose used to 109, borderline, and now it’s 87. My bp was never “high,” but it is lower now–106/56. A one-mile walk then was pretty hard–now I routinely go farther than that every day, twice a day.”- Jay

Have you ever seen that morphing app that shows a person what they look like today, what they look like in 10 years if they don’t change the way they eat and workout and take care of themselves, and then it goes to 20 years or something  like that. If you are already taking care of yourself, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, when all this scientific and medical proof is literally IN YOUR FACE and you still decide that you’d rather be lazy, you’d rater eat crap FAT FOODS then I’m sorry. I have no sympathy for you when you have to have some stranger come in and sponge bathe you because you can’t get out of bed for medical or weight reasons. YOU have the power NOW to start reversing what you are doing to yourself. Ever need a wake up Dr G medical Examiner when she opens someone up who hasn’t taken care of themselves.

“Obesity,” she says. “It’s gotten to an epidemic. There are a lot of long-term problems with obesity: increased incidence of diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, knee pain, chronic arthritis, and surgery is more difficult if you’re obese.”- Dr. Jan Garavaglia

I am fortunate that I am in a position where I can help others get and STAY healthier, maintain a good body weight and eat better. I am very fortunate that I have a passion in fitness and a desire that is no less that BURNING to help others know what it feels like to play with their kids on the floor when they have been physically unable to do so in the past. Or to join in the game of baseball, football, volleyball..or heck, even walk up the stadium stairs at a game and not feel winded and out of breath!

“I too was one of the “healthy” morbidly obese. Healthy, ha. Good BP (although it actually became high midway through my weightloss journey, is perfect now), normal sugar levels, good cholesterol. So I was “healthy”, but for how long? How long can a heart take that much added weight to it? Or my other organs? For how long could I go on the way that I was? What about all that added weight causing cancer eventually? I’m pretty certain it was just a matter of time before a major, avoidable disaster struck. Sure, some morbidly obese or healthier then others, but really, there’s nothing healthy about carrying around so much additional weight. It IS freaky. Really freaky. I know I – was freaked out about it all the time. I used to lay awake at night terrified of what I was doing to myself. I would wonder who would take care of my children.”

When I read this I literally almost cried for this person. My heart sank. Here she was, knowing she needed to do something for herself or she would be  looking to see who would take care of her children. Could you imagine that?! So now we are’t just talking about physically what “Good health” could do for you but also, emotionally (we could all use a little lift in our lives and who needs that additional stress?), mentally. Oh my gosh people! What is it REALLY going to take?!

Is it going to be easy..heck no! I won’t lie to you! It won’t be easy. The rewards you will get will be ten fold the work you put into it though! And while I am on this, where do the kids learn their habits? FROM THEIR PARENTS! I don’t know one parent who would want to watch their kid go through this either..that is a whole new blog subject though.

So, if you are a person who is over weight, obese, morbildy obese..please, please, start today to make the change you need to a better feeling, better healthy, and more happy YOU!

Yours in health and Fitness,


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