Health and fitness Motivation….MOTIVE-ation

Motivation is thought to be an action from the heart; to be capable of finding it from inside your self and to have the capability to move ahead on a belief is something larger than yourself.

I find it interesting when someone comes up  to me who has asked me to coach them and says, “I need motivation.” or, “I have a really hard time with motivation”. Really?

I think we need to look at something here. Where does motivation come from? Some think it comes from within, some think it comes from other people, music, visuals. I happen to think it comes from both..but hey, that’s me. Think of the one thing that will pull you to your goal. Something so big, something you want or need so bad that you are going to make failure not an option. Do you have it? Do you have it?! You have it! MOTIVATION!

When I look to achieve a goal in health or fitness I MUST have an end point in mind, meaning, I NEED to have an exact date set in which I will achieve my goal and I have to have a know, an exact weight or how many lbs, how far I will run, how fast I will complete a course (keeping it reasonable) that I will achieve, so go ahead…SET YOUR GOAL!


Where are you now? The starting point. You need something to track your progress so this is where we begin. Everyone hates this part but you need to do it. TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURE. Let the picture express how you feel about where you are right now. Picture your goal in mind, visualise it in your mind because where you are at right now will soon be in the past!

Now that we have that out of the way..we have a road ahead of us. No one wants to travel alone, this is when I gather my support troupes around me for those times that we all get. You know, the times when we want to procrastinate the workout, find ourselves cruising the snack food isles or staring in line for the cashier with our favorite candy bar staring at as. Personally, I have found the price tag of $1.19 for a candy bar absolutely ridiculous and that will usually get me to not even touch the thing, but if that doesn’t sway me away from it, I simply look at the calories and figure how much extra cardio I have to do to work that off and that ALWAYS gets me to put it right back!  I have had times I so wanted something I know would throw me off my goal, and with just a phone call…I was re-affirmed I really didn’t want it. FIND A SUPPORT GROUP. I happen to have several support groups for different aspects in my life. Everything from health and fitness, to business, parenting teens ( I think my eyes just went cross eyed). There are support groups for everything you wish to accomplish, find one that fits you! You need to feel comfortable talking with those in your support group and meeting with them in person can be a tremendous help and keep you MOTIVATED by knowing you are also being held accountable. People that wil expect you to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk as well.

Another thing..if it is a goal to run a race, marathon, participate in a contest…Fill out the entry form and pay the entry fee! I am totally serious about this. It is at this point that you have now actually committed to something! Get a copy of that entry form or picture of where you will be going and hang it somewhere you will see it several times a day. After you have done that, tell every single one of your friends that you are doing this. No “on the wall” at this point, you WILL do this and have it in your mind that you will too! This also goes for the cruise you want to go on or trip you want to take “when you lose the weight”. Book it and buy the suit that you WILL wear when you are on your trip. Make it so there is no going back. And after you do this, and if you need to sit down and have a good  “OMG! What have I done?!” cry, understand that your fear (and that is what it is) is normal. Then, congratulate yourself because you have just signed yourself up for not just one incredible journey, but two. 🙂 So get excited!


This brings me to my last point..SUCCESS! There is no bigger better motivator than seeing actual results paying off! Obviously this is in every area of life but we are sticking to health and fitness so, when you see clothes fitting better or better yet, need to get NEW clothes that fit, when you see the number on the scale going down, when you have more energy, you cut time off your run or added distance..there is NOTHING that beats that feeling (besides helping someone else get that feeling)! So, the next time you have that success feeling, have someone TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE and use that as your next motivator when you need one.

Here’ to you staying motivated, reaching all your goals, and to all your successes!

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