Getting ready for The Tough Mudder- SoCal#1


Well isn’t this a welcome sign?! You do actually sign a paper that says you can not hold them responsible for injury or does one prepare for such a magnificent event? Ahhh great question (glad I asked!). Well, you could look at what the obstacles have been in the past, start training to run 10-13 miles and through some of your imaginary obstacles in the, that isn’t even CLOSE to possible so forget that one!

Like most physical challenges…PREP, PREP, PREP! This means physical and nutritional and absolutely Mentally. Your body and brain will love you for this even if you have decided to torture it by doing something incredibly bonkers like The Tough Mudder (or if your brothers signed you up because they KNOW it’s fricking nuts and thought you might back out otherwise!!) None the less you are “in” as they say and I am one of those that once they commit, there is no backing down…even if I do have to sign a “DEATH WAIVER”.

To prepare for a 10-13 mile race that has several crazy obstacles, you have to do it anyway you know how! Since I no longer have a mountain in my back yard to practice running up and down, jumping rocks in the freezing river, or for  pulling super heavy logs…I used what I could, IT IS WINTER  HERE IN CHICAGO ! I am a Certified Beachbody Coach so I chose to use the programs from Beachbody of P90X and Insanity!

This is an “event” that you can’t just jump in and say, “Hey! Let’s do it!” and then do it. Well, I guess you could but I’m not sure how successful you would be at it. You DO need to prepare for it!

I feel that the P90X will great for helping me with the strength I need (pullups of all sorts, push ups, yes, I can do one handed push ups and full body off the floor Plyo’s too!) for obstacles like the angled bars, the walls that I will need to climb and even the “Twinkle Toes” when you really need balance. Yes, I feel the Yoga in the P90x will have helped me that one! I think  the Insanity with help me with the running, getting those “knees up” more upper body strength, and definitely the crawls under the barbed wire by using the knees to elbow type push ups! Being in great over all conditioning for this one! (If you want info on either of these programs just hit me up! I’ll be glad to help you get them for yourself!)

How could anyone not get all hyped up after looking at THAT picture?! That is crazy right there! When you are in that kind of a situation, that is when you feel REALLY alive! You have the adrenaline pumping, your heart is racing, you’re wet, cold, yet hot from the fire at the same time! Whooooo!!! Ok, I think I am getting a bit over excited but when you tell people you are going to do something..that is called ACCOUNTABILITY and at that point you have no choice but to do it..or risk your integrity. That is something I am never willing to do…and I won’t apologize for that either. 🙂

Currently I am 3 days out from this event. I am eating healthy 3 nutritious meals a day that contain proteins, low carbs, and healthy fats with my Shakeology nutrition drinks between Breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. I workout 6 days a week WITH INTENSITY..none of this, “I can’t break a sweat” garbage. If you aren’t sweating, you need to kick it up a notch! Put some “UMPH” in your workouts and when you are done you should FEEL that you accomplished something.

There is another reason to go out and do The Tough Mudder. It is a fund raising event for The Wounded Warrior Project whose purpose is:

  • To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members.
  • To help injured service members aid and assist each other.
  • To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.
I’ll let you know how well our team, “The Swampy Donkeys” did when I get back and hopefully have some great pics of our actual event. If nothing else, I will be able to say, “I did it!” and “I am a ROUD SUPPORTER or THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT!” Maybe you would like to do one too?!


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