Good (morning, Afternoon, Evening)! I’m Jenni Whipple (or Jenni Whip) I am a mother of 3, a happily married wife of 15 years to Scott, a fitness and health enthusiast, humanitarian and volunteer for several non profit organizations, a motivational speaker, and hopefully a new friend of yours.

I started Lovin’ Life Fitness shortly after several changes came into my life. “Your Hashomito’s came back positive” was the first bit of news, the second bit was, “It looks to be an MS lesion” was the 2nd. Things as I thought I knew them seemed to be turned upside down. Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, achy body parts, depression, tingling in my hands fingers and toes…I left the Fire Dept I had worked so hard to be come a part of..left my dream behind. That was my #1 goal for years and I had accomplished it- only to have it taken away from me with nothing I could do about it..or so I thought.

Years later I am finding that with nutrition and exercise you may not be able to make things go away but you can certainly feel the difference in your body and prevent further diseases from attacking you! That is where I started looking for the good things, the positive things. Decided I would help others with their health , fitness, and wellness goals. To motivate , inspire people to dream and try new things, to not give up, and to keep going because things WILL get better! You may need to find new people to hang out with who will believe in you and your goals..and they ARE out there! I am one of them! I am here…helping you to see that Lovin’ Life…it’s all good!


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    • Sure I’d be happy to help you! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you…I was out of town doing that Tough Mudder ๐Ÿ™‚ Why is it that you are looking to get into shape, better fitness, better health?

    • Hello again ๐Ÿ™‚ I had responded when you had asked me how I could help you get in better shape. Not sure if you saw that or not. I would love to talk with you about what your health and fitness goals are and how I can help you reach them. When would be a good day and contact number that I could reach you at to speak with you and answer your questions?

      Yours in health and fitness,

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