The Non-Fragile Art of Not Giving A Fuck!

The Progressive Self

 February 10, 2014 by Jason Demakis

…About the wrong things, of course! How many times have you allowed yourself to remain stagnant because of fear of other people’s opinions in regards to your path? Here’s an article telling you why you not only need to stop doing this, but also why no longer doing so empowers you into domains of personal growth and progress beyond the bounds of everyone else who’s still too terrified of what other people are thinking! The “secret” to unconditional happiness and gratitude actually begins with not giving a fuck!

People Are Judging You RIGHT NOW! What Are You Going to Do?!

“We’re often afraid to tell others exactly how we feel, because we are afraid of what others will have to say about how we feel.” -Abraham Hicks

Let’s set something straight from the get go: the majority of people who have higher goals and…

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