Crystal Meth – The shocking truth, the reality, the people

It gives you a dopamine (happy, euphoric sensation) rush like nothing else can. It will makes you feel confident, strong, powerful, carefree, and not hungry for 6-12 hrs with just a very small amount. It’s fairly inexpensive per use, it’s readily available. The downside, it’s illegal, it’s highly addictive, the dopamine rush takes more and more each time you use it till eventually it doesn’t matter, that dopamine rush can not be achieved because the dopamine receptors of the brain get shut down. It causes the heart to beat rapidly with a surge of energy and also causes paranoia and hallucinations. Allow me to introduce you to what I have learned about Meth (Methamphetamine). 

I asked my 17 year daughter what she knew about Meth and she told me, ” it is a chemically made drug, it’s illegal, it’s addictive, and it’s more than a physical addiction, it is mentally addictive because of the high you get from it.” I think she hit it pretty right on! My kids and I have a very open line of communication and they feel comfortable about talking to me about things I never felt comfortable talking to my parents about. For me to walk up to her and ask her that question out of the blue.. she thought nothing about it but instead offered to find out more about it for me if I wanted her to. Check off for a good job on being a Mom!

You may have seen before and after photos with faces and underneath the words “Faces of Meth“. What you may not know is that “Faces of Meth” was more than just real people, with real lives, and real problems and their real photo’s, but it was an actual documentary done by Multnomah County Sheriff’s office in Oregon, one of the first states hit hard with the Meth epidemic.

What Deputy King set out to do was create a realistic presentation about methamphetamine. He didn’t want to create something that made people curious about a drug nor that was a scared straight program. The idea was simple, be honest with kids, let them hear directly from the inmates, and show them what people who work on the front lines – whether it be a Corrections Deputy in the Jail, a Police Officer on the streets or a Public Health Nurse in a clinic see methamphetamine doing to people and to our communities.



The United States has a huge problem with Meth and despite the efforts to control the manufacturing of the drug, the problem with Meth addicts and usage is increasing. If it isn’t being made in a meth lab in a home, trailer, garage, or other facility, it is being brought to the United States from Mexico.

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center is a leading rehab and recovery center for women (ages 12 and up) who suffer with methamphetamine abuse, according to their site, Methamphetamine addiction is a serious medical disease that is extremely difficult to overcome. I read somewhere that 92% of Meth addicts that make it to rehab will relapse once they are released. 92 PERCENT!! Click on their highlighted name above to read some of the Meth addiction symptoms and side effects.

A video documentary created by National Geographic is an excellent video explaining all aspects of the problem we are all very close to being in the middle of:


If you are interested in learning more about the serious problems we are having with Meth in the USA, there is also a documentary on Netflix right now under “The worlds Dangerous Drug.”

There is another documentary, The City Addicted to Meth (Fresno) brings some real life scenarios to face. Watching portions of this video actually made my stomach sick.

But people who use meth come from all walks of life. An article in Business Insider tells a story of a teacher who put on 75lbs after a divorce. She began using Meth to lose weight as suggested by her sister.

And Meth labs really do blow up injuring and killing people who are cooking or buying the meth as witnessed in this graphic video.

So what can you do if you or someone you know wants or needs help with a Meth addiction? The sooner they get help the better off they’ll be. Since the serious effects of a drug like Meth require the expertise of a professional counselor, you can help yourself or your friend by finding resources near you with the Treatment Locator created by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.


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